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 Post Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 4:11 pm 
welcoming committee

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I'd love to find a video of the AC/DC track 'Let there be Rock' as performed in Edinburgh (or elsewhere) that reflects my memories... in other words...

Let there be light: ALL the stage lights went white...

Pause with percussion and bass filling until the next line...

Let there be Sound: and there was a chord from everyone on stage...

Let there be Drums: the drummer let out a short solo...

Let there be Guitar: short acoustic guitar solo...


All hell broke loose, this video doesn't do my memories or AC/DC any credit... it's all too subdued, especially the lighting and solo's.

If i never find a video that takes me back to that day it'll be no big loss, i have my memories that no-one can ever take away... i do feel sorry for mobile phone owners in the 21st century though.... how they have memories of anything they should be looking at when they're focused on an small handheld device is beyond me ;)


FYI, it's so sublime and ridiculous i can't help but post this again... sometimes i question what my grandparents would think of stuff like this! lol:

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